So You Think You Are Now Experienced Amazon Seller? Think Once Again

There have been many traps and pitfalls going on Amazon which you are completely unknown too. Even if you’re saying that you are now an experienced Amazon seller and you know everything about it then you do not know to what is going out there in Amazon. They have been a great number of problems going in Amazon that even its most veteran sellers couldn’t solve or figure out.

Selling on Amazon is not very simple as it looks. It is full of traps and problems that can even make the most experienced sellers go out of sorts. I know you will be glad when you’ll figure out some of the most common problems that many sellers go through wire working on Amazon. But still, keeping this apart, you have to stay alert because a place full of traps can make you fall in it anytime. Even the problems that look very common and simple can do your loss to a great extent.

Set up your tax collection options:

The first thing that comes in this regard is setting up your text collection options on Amazon. Many sellers who are new to this field forget about such essential things which leads them to lose. Therefore, set up your tax collection system at your earliest convenience.

Grow your bottom line profits rather than the top line sales:

The first thing that is important for being a successful Amazon seller is to drop all those things that are not making you any profit. I guess one should focus on all the sales especially the bottom line ones except for making an average out of everything.

Sending Stickerless products to FBA:

Amazon usually carries the most convenient product that is available at FBA. That usually happens because of the intermixing of the stickerless products having the same SKU. Therefore, to make yourself safe from facing a big loss or reputation loss you should take care of your Amazon stickers while sending your inventory to Amazon.

Follow the right sequence in order to get FBA products stickered officially:
First, it is the responsibility of the sellers to set the default settings regarding the FBA product before sending it to be stickered to Amazon. So that, you will not have to use duplicate stickers on your products.

Repackage your Products yourself:

Usually, all the repackaging of the products that are to be resent to the customers is done by Amazon itself because this option is enabled by default on a seller’s account.

You should turn off this option because in many cases Amazon has sent used products to the customer. In these situations, the customer’s usual complaint against the seller that is a harm to your reputation in the market.

Learn the ways to manage your inventory :

Management skills for inventory are a must in order to be a successful seller on Amazon. If you are not managing your inventory in the right way then your stock usually keeps on getting disturbed throughout. Therefore, to avoid such situations, one should know how to manage things in the right order.