Secret Amazon Sellers Need to Get Retails Back On Track After the Suspension

What is better than an online market that increases your sales by an average of 50%? Obviously nothing. Amazon can bring all the unimaginable advantages of trade to you if you use their storage and consignment facilities. However, doing business through Amazon not always feels like a bed of roses. This eutopia can transfer to dystopia even with your slightest mistake or a deliberate violation of Amazon laws. This often ends in an Amazon account suspension which is undoubtedly very troublesome.

What follows this Amazon suspension is an immense amount of loss for any vendor. Getting your lost identity back is not always very easy too. There is neither a magic wand nor a spell to get the account’s reestablished in a day. In such circumstances, as a seller, what you should be fearing the most is your marketing revenue. You are always meant to be on the horns of a dilemma after an Amazon account suspension.

Here are some tried and tested steps that, albeit a secret to many, can help you get the banned account back. Following these steps properly will impact the Amazon management to allow you to get back in the market place.

1- Discover Your Flaw

Soon after an Amazon suspension, instead of getting infuriated or depressed, what is best for you to do is to investigate. Try every possible thing you can to do to find out the reason which became a cause of your trouble. Did you violate any of the Amazon laws? Were you selling the gated items? Were your product images not proper? Have you been tricking on the reviews? Did you direct any customer out of the Amazon? If none of these led to your Amazon account suspension, then what did?

2- Submit An Appeal

If there is no other way to get the account back, then submitting an Amazon appeal is the finest idea. On the Amazon’s site, there is an Amazon Seller Centre where you can file your appeal. However, this step itself requires a lot of care and intelligence to be executed effectively. Make your Amazon appeal as concise and formal as you can. State the cause of your suspension, and your plan of action to avoid the mistake again. You might write about one or two of the positive contributions your store has been making to Amazon.

Nevertheless, these two steps are usually what every other suspended party on Amazon performs. Let us talk about a secret that can ensure a quick recovery of your account.

Top Secret
Other than submitting an Amazon appeal, you can consider sending a personal email somewhere it would be read. Write your plan of action clearly and formally to the alongside submitting the normal appeal. This email will ensure that you are heard by the Amazon’s transaction risk management team too.

Hope you get your Amazon suspension upturned soon.