Here Is Everything You Must Not Be Doing While Selling On Amazon

Albeit the perfectly stated policies, Amazon is a more like a strict school teacher when it comes to selling. Being a seller requires you to fulfill more requirement on Amazon than you’d ever be asked elsewhere. However, this is worth it provided that a good seller gets more revenue from Amazon than from any other retailer.

Being at home in selling on Amazon requires a lot of effort on your part. You must initially take into consideration the Don’ts of marketing on Amazon even before you ask about its Do’s. To make your marketing duties easy for you, here are some mistakes you must not commit while selling on Amazon.

Do make sure you consider these points before you embark yourself upon the venture of selling your product on Amazon.

1- Violating The Amazon Seller Laws

Amazon is somewhat strict, however very clear at the same time, about the principles they want their sellers to follow. Before setting up your account, having a good know-how of all the guiding laws is for your own benefit. Greed is a cruse everywhere but it is more terrible than a curse when it comes to Amazon. Having more than one seller accounts can lead to both of your accounts’ suspension. Directing Amazon buyers to your personal website is another such corrupt act which Amazon never receives in a good way.

2- Being a Copy Cat

If you see some bestselling authority’s account on Amazon and aim reaching their level, that great. However, you must not copy their seller’s account all in all in an effort to make your account better. This can be lethal for any seller on Amazon. No one ever knows how many policy violations the accounts you are copying must be committing. Always remember that while setting up your vendor account on Amazon, there is no ideal model to build it on. Just read the Amazon policies thoroughly, go through their pricing features, audit, etc. and base your account’s foundation using them.

3- Giving Away Unnecessary Details

Amazon has a very strict policy when it comes to product description. Be clear that the explanation you give about a product is centered around the product only. Adding tags like “lowest price”, “45 % off” can get you in great trouble. As a seller, you should also not add any URL praising your company with your product.

Instead of bringing your more buyers, such practices can lead to your account being banned on Amazon.

4- Expensive and Late Shipping

If you are fulfilling your merchandise requirements by your own self, then late and expensive shipping is something you can never afford. Expensive shipping might get you a time-being profit but will never prove fruitful in the long run. Similarly, a little delay in shipping means that you are driving your buyers away yourself.

Such indolent practices can never make any retailer efficacious on Amazon.